Set in the UK, Love’s Register tells the story of romantic love and climate change over four generations. Told by five members of the Lavender family, it begins in York, UK, in the middle of the free-love 60s, and ends with the night sea journey across the vastness of Oceania. The family voices, plus others, take us through generational conflicts in the 1920s, open relationships in the feminist 80s/90s and a contemporary late-life love affair. Led by a cast of varied, in-depth characters whose stories intersect surprisingly, with plenty of passion and humour, Love’s Register is a coming-of-age family saga and modern psychological novel that explores the way we live now.

The price reflects the book’s size: 700 pages, 226,000 words and the length of three novels. Buy the ebook here. Buy a signed paperback copy in £s here:



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