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“A wonderful evening. The mixed voices/music routine was just so different and had a sort of dreamy, magical effect that was so unexpected.” “Really enjoyed this event – such a varied programme. Looking forward to the next one.” Emma Sherrington, Berkhamsted Transition Town “It was truly a gift.” Hazel Ward, Dacorum/Watford/Three Rivers Relate.

Paul 24th August 2015

Arabian dance 2In our shows and performances, musicians, dancers, artists and writers introduce and perform their latest work. As MC, I encourage everyone on stage to use their most original, moving and innovative material. My part, working with Sue, is to involve the whole audience using pictures, music, poetry, prose and reflective exercises.

Here are some pictures from our shows, featuring   Anna Perry,   Joe Perry,   Charlie Goodall,   Hus Hodja,   Minnie Birch,   Mary Casserley,   Don Perera,   Pat Allati and Judith Perera,   Tom Mayhew,    Cynthia Nolan,   Daria Kulesh,   Jill Hipson and Anna Judson



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Author and Poet