Leslie Tate

Author and Poet

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“Thank you both so much for coming yesterday and for your fascinating talk. It was very much enjoyed by our members – in fact your visit has given me an idea which I shall put in our next Newsletter. I think there may be other people like me who have written a lot (short stories

Meg Jones, Haxby and Wiggington U3A 24 August 2015

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“I enjoyed your talk and so did the audience judging by the number of questions afterwards, and I really liked the way it evolved naturally into a general discussion and reminiscence session about the sixties over tea and biscuits!”

Jenny Mainwaring, Chesham Library Manager 24 August 2015

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“Thank you so much for a brilliantly informative and enjoyable poetry workshop. It was a fascinating overview of what the poem is, and is not (or perhaps I should say, an overview of the conflicting schools of thought!). You picked a lovely selection of poetry for your handout – and I for one, am certainly

Rosemary Bartholomew, Chair, Hastings Writers’ Group 24 August 2015

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“Thank you for coming and giving us such an enjoyable session. I’ve had very positive feedback from my group already.”

Meg Gardner Petersfield U3A Creative Writing Group 24 August 2015

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“On behalf of Swanland U3A, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your presentation ‘A novelist’s view of Creative Writing’ which I know was well received by the audience on Thursday, July 1st. Your talk certainly lived up to its title and was delivered with great style and enthusiasm for the subject, which

Hazel Wood, Swanland U3A 24 August 2015

Leslie writes:
Working with my wife, Sue Hampton, our talks and workshops focus on:

  • What makes a good book?
  • What inspires original, creative work?
  • How do authors relate to music and art?
  • What’s the difference between poetry and prose?
  • Who are the most interesting modern writers?
  • What voice and point of view does an author or poet use?
  • How does language and character shape plot?
  • How do writers make us pay attention?
  • Why write?

We use pictures, music, handouts and discussion to offer a varied and multi-sensory approach to fiction and poetry. We stress the ‘feeling’ side of fiction, aiming to engage both readers and writers, while giving insights into language, character and technique.
We have also given several creative presentations at festivals.

Get in touch if you want to know more.